Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Holy Spirit in the World Today

On May 20th & 21st this year, we're organising a conference at Holy Trinity Brompton on 'the Holy Spirit in the World Today.' It's hosted by St Paul's Theological Centre and St Mellitus College along with HTB, and we have a pretty stellar line-up of speakers. Jurgen Moltmann is coming over from Tubingen, Miroslav Volf from Yale, David Ford from Cambridge, and Rowan Williams from down the road in Lambeth. Add to that Tom Smail as the grand old man of Pneumatology, Tom Greggs from Chester and a host of others doing seminars, and it promises to be a fantastic time.

I'm convinced Pneumatology is theology for the twenty-first century. The Spirit connects us into God, transforms division into unity, renews the face of the earth and revives the church. Those all sound to me like things we need rather badly in our world, let alone the church, so looking at the theology of the Spirit is just what the doctor ordered right now. To book in, go to http://www.htb.org.uk/conferences/holy-spirit-world-today - It's filling up fast, so book your place now!


  1. Sounds great but not able to be come. Will the talks be available to download on HTB website
    Sheila Bridge First year ordinand

  2. it was great to be able to attend. Thanks so much for all the work involved in making this happen. I'm still in awe of Jurgen Moltmann's lecture delivered so strongly at the age of 84. I was too timid to come and say hi but I think my pal Ash tweeted you to say I was coming (ask him about our Glaswegian Holy Spirit experience in 1993 or '94!)

    The only downside of the conference was the no-sleep sleeper train......!!

  3. You are still standing at the edges and circling round the outskirts - ask Nicky Gumbel - he had a Language emergency when he tried to describe what it was like being filled with the Holy Spirit (cf. Ephesians 5:18) and all he could say was that it was like 10,000 Volts of pure Electricity flowing through him - although I am not saying that was what caused him to white haired, but he stepped forward right into the full force, the full Encounter with the Holy Spirt and it rearranged him right down to a sub-molecular level - do you understand this? He was prepared to take that kind of risk - are YOU?


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