Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is one conference you don't want to miss...

This is one conference you don't want to miss...

If the church in Europe is to rise from its lethargy, it desperately needs the power of the Spirit to bring it to life. If the world is to find healing from the ravages of climate change and environmental destruction, it will need the life of the Spirit to flow through it. If you and I are to fulfill our true potential as human beings, we will need to be filled with the Spirit so that we can be brought to the full stature of Christ-like people. For those reasons, I can't think of many more important things for the church to think about right now than how the Holy Spirit is at work in the world (and the church) today, and thus to long and cry out for the Spirit's coming with conviction and passion.

On Friday June 3rd, we are holding our next 'Holy Spirit in the World Today' conference. Last year's was a special event, with some fantastic speakers including Jurgen Moltmann and the Archbishop of Canterbury. This year's will take the discussion to another level, focussing on some key biblical texts about the Spirit, with some brilliant speakers.

Professor David Ford from Cambridge University has been working on a commentary on John's gospel for a long time, and he'll be offering the fruit of all those years of reflection on John 14-16 and what it says about the Holy Spirit and life.

Dr Wonsuk Ma is a Pentecostal theologian, missionary and Biblical specialist who will be speaking about the Spirit in the Old Testament, especially Isaiah, and providing an important perspective from a Pentecostal background - Pentecostals do tend to know a thing or two about the Spirit!

Professor Tom Greggs, soon to be Professor of Theology at Aberdeen, is the youngest theology professor in the UK, and one of the up-and-coming stars in the world of theological studies. He's going to be speaking on what it means to do theology 'in the Spirit' - how theology can avoid being dry and faith-sapping, and instead full of life and spiritual wisdom.

Dr Jane Williams, known to many of us, will be taking another key passage on the Spirit and exploring it in her own inimitable style.

Ken Costa, City banker, recently Chairman of Lazards Invstment Bank, will be sharing his thoughts on what he sees as a global awakening to the Spirit, shown in all kinds of unlikely places.

Along with those, there will be all kinds of seminars on subjects like the Holy Spirit and the Church, Culture, Ethics, Mission, Experience, all introduced by people working in the theology of these areas, people like Julie Canlis (author of a recent excellent book on Calvin),
Mark Knight
David Hilborn (who's just been doing some really important work on Anglican-Pentocostal relations)
Lincoln Harvey
Chris Tilling
Stephen Backhouse
Simeon Zahl (also author of an excellent recent book on Charismatic and Lutheran theology),
Sara Snyder
(and me!).

As well as all this, there will be fantastic worship led by the HTB worship band, and opportunity for engagement with the Spirit through prayer ministry and conversation. There will also be the launch of "The Holy Spirit in the World Today" - the book that came out of last year's conference - and a chance to buy signed copies of my new book on the Prodigal Spirit (a signature should decrease the value on EBay.....)

Basically, it will be a rich and fantastic day, an oppportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and be stimulated for whatever ministry you're involved with.

Don't miss it! To book, click HERE.


  1. It's a long way to come for a day, Graham. Will you be providing any online content afterwards?

  2. We mayl be putting some audio online - won't be the same as being there though!

  3. Hi Graham. This was absolutely brilliant last year -especially David Ford's sessions. But I'm a little sad to see that again there are very few female speakers...? It's not like there's a lack of talent. Would be interested to know your thoughts?
    Thanksfor all you do,

  4. Thanks Anna. We did think hard about this. We have tried to get a stronger female representation, so that whereas last year, the only female speaker out of around 8 main sessions was a brief Bible Reading from Jane Williams, we have asked her to be one of the four main keynote speakers this year, so the proportion of female contribution to the main programme has risen significantly. We have also been able to get some great women contributors to the seminars. Last year Lucy Crawley was the only one leading a seminar, whereas this year, we have Julie Canlis, Sara Snyder and hopefully one other woman leading seminars. We did approach a number of other female contributors, who weren't available, so it is a progressive thing, but we are I hope moving in the right direction on this one!

  5. One of the interisting things about the HOLY Spirit is His use of Quantum Pneumatology or in other words -"Doing the Unexpected".....through radical and very powerful Encounters which could completely reformat and rearrange you.

    James 4:2b You do not have because you do not ask God.


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