Saturday, 30 March 2013

What Christians do

We start and end each day with prayer
We teach our children to pray
We read the Scriptures daily
We publicly confess our failures to each other & to God weekly
We share bread & wine together when we meet
We meet together with our local community of fellow Christians 
We work hard, for God, not for our employers
We give away a proportion of our income, often 10% or more
We do not swear
We do not get drunk
We don't do drugs but experience the energy of the Holy Spirit
We remain faithful to our wives and husbands
We encourage those who are not married to stay celibate and develop deep friendships
We try to meet the needs of the poor as far as we are able
We support other Christians elsewhere in the world
We try to share our faith with whoever is willing to listen
We honour our dead with burial in hope of Resurrection
We try to be honest in all our dealings
We look for ways to love our neighbour as ourselves
We express our gratitude for our daily food each time we eat
We listen for God's voice to us each day

And that's just for starters....


  1. I love this!
    Not to bang a drum, however, but... 'We encourage our young to stay celibate until married' is great, but perhaps misses out those for whom there is no 'until' even after they are 'young'. 'We encourage those who are not married to stay celibate' maybe??


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