Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I'm writing this in Washington Dulles Airport, waiting for a delayed
plane to Charleston (already 2 and 1/2 hours late), surrounded by lots
of frustrated passengers. It's snowing outside, which, added to the 3
feet of snow they've already had, is the problem. In airports life
seems suspended for a while. Everyone is waiting, in transit, nothing
is permanent. No-one wants to stay. It's a preparation for something
else to come. Relationships and conversations are temporary. It has a
superficial attraction to begin with - the delights of independence,
but after a while it just gets very boring. We need to know we are
rooted, we belong, that this world is not just a waiting room for
something else.

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  1. Given that I have this fear of flying (landing and taking off are serious challenges to my cool), I do a lot of praying in the waiting area. To me they are more like chapels.
    Really boring chapels. With expensive coffee and really bad sandwiches.
    Given the bad airport experience I should really thank you for the inspiration you brought to Truro. I haven't been this excited about church potential in a long time. St. Mellitus will change the world. The Holly Spirit is really driving your mission.
    Many are starving for lack of knowledge. You are bringing the Feast. Many churches are off doing their own thing for lack of knowlege. You are bringing Truth and Reason. Importantly, you are bringing Relationship and Love that will conquor attitudes and open doors. You will be equiping the saints... Words fail at this point and my goosebumps speak for themselves.
    Will we see revival?
    Boring airports. Lousy weather. Distance from family and football (soccer that is), and that other sport ya'all sit through the way we sit through baseball games. LOL You are on a mission from God. I am excited and grateful that it is happening.

    O.D. Dearborn

    P.S. My cricket skills were never well honed after four years in Suffolk, but my football and rugby training ensured some dominance back in the States. Before leaving for California I did get to see Ipswich beat Liverpool for the FA Cup.


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