Sunday, 28 February 2010

United: The Religion

Went to the Carling Cup Final at Wembley today. United were the deserved winners, even though Vidic was a tad lucky not to be sent off early on. Rooney is sheer class - even with a bad knee and a stomach bug he was still the best player on the pitch. He is the complete player - scores goals, a great passer of the ball, reads the game so well. Carrick and Fletcher were in control in midfield and Valencia was always a threat. 

This came after leading a good Communion Service at college this morning (not good because I led it, but it had a great sermon from Simon Downham and some good prayer ministry too). It's not often these two big bits of my life - God and football - come together quite so adjacent to each other. I feel like I ought to come up with some deep thought to connect the two, but I'm not sure I can. Both make me feel more alive. Faith does so in deeper ways, with less danger of aggression and resentment. but football does still stir deep things. I'm just grateful the world contains such a thing (though I'm not sure you'd quite feel that way if you're a Villa fan tonight...)

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  1. God and football. Yes. All part of our abundant life. Praise God! I can hardly wait till June (kind of football bereft here in the States. Pray for me. I still hold a grudge against Argentina that goes back to 1978--Oranje Boven!!).


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